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This information will help your day run more smoothly and with fewer interruptions/questions from me. That way you can get to doing what you do… loving your person and enjoying YOUR wedding day (Yay)!


Tips for the wedding day…


Please make sure there is natural light (window light) in the room where the bride will be getting ready. This makes a WORLD of difference in your images. I promise!

 If possible, try to have all bridal details together before the photographer arrives. This will make detail shots more efficient. Shoes, Dress, Invitations, Save the Dates, envelopes and flower clippings from bouquet are a plus plus plus!

Keep the area near the window free of trash, bags, snacks, etc. This will be the preferred area where the bride will be putting on her dress.

Allow more time than you think you need to get ready. It is always better to be safe than rushed!

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Bride's Name
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Groom's Name
Wedding Date
Wedding Date
Please include the number of bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls & ring bearers.
Will he/she be putting together the wedding timeline? If so, please provide contact info.
Pre-Ceremony/Getting Ready
*please include the start time
*please include the start time
colors, attire, games, special favors, etc...
(Some ceremony locations (especially churches) have strict photography restrictions, such as the photographer only being allowed to shoot from the far back. Most couples assume there are no restrictions, when there actually are. The best person to ask is the person performing your ceremony. This is important information needed prior to your wedding.)
Please consider: Formals Please keep in mind that the amount of formal photographs we can take is dependent on the time block allotted. Teri Kramer Photography’s style requires some creative time to achieve similar results to what you’ve seen in the TKP portfolio. For this reason, I requests the following time allotments for portraits on your wedding day: At least 30 minutes alone with the couple (preferably 40 minutes) 20 minutes with bridal party (depending on size) 5-7 minutes for each family portrait. Family formals do not have to take an extensive amount of time, however this is only possible if we are organized beforehand. Please provide when and where information to anyone who is to be photographed during family portraits prior to the wedding. Getting people where they need to be for photos is the most time consuming part of group photos. It is best to assign a family member or friend who knows the people to be in the photos to help gather then up.
B&G with Bride’s grandparents; parents; siblings B&G with Groom’s grandparents; parents; siblings Bride w/bridesmaids - grouped and separately Groom w/groomsmen- grouped and separately B&G w/Entire bridal party Bride and Groom – together and separately Note: Should you have a very large family and/or more than 10 group photos, I suggest saving some of the extended family shots until the reception so that family portrait time will not interfere with your bride and groom portraits and you will not keep your guests waiting at the reception. Would you like any or all formal photographs to be taken prior to the ceremony? (Even if you aren’t doing a First Look, we can cut out a lot of time by photographing bride/with bridesmaids and groom/with groomsmen)...
Please note: If you opt for no first look, please allow your cocktail hour for family, wedding party and romantic portraits.
Reception - If different from ceremony location
Please email me the detailed list separately
Important People